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Graphic Catalysis is a digital library of transformative digital processes designed and assembled by artists. Each tutorial was submitted by an individual who completed the Digital Catalysis course through

All processes are designed to be used with Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes use additional software. See the key for special considerations!

Graphic Catalysis Cohort #1 is:

Eric Scrivner
Fuko Ito
Gus Graves
Katherine Rae Diemert
Kelsey Borch
Kristin Dwyer
Wenting Li

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Animating With Puppet Warp Applying Filters to an Animated Sequence Blender for Mural Mock Ups 🍍 Compositional Coloring Book Image Trace Tutorial 🍒 Mixer Brush Shenanigans Perennial Cry Baby Quick Content-Aware Scale Action


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